Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, June 25

It's been almost three months since our last posting. Time is completely flying by in our life. We some times feel we're in "survival" mode. Just doing enough to get through the day. Tara has been very busy with the babies as they are all really active. Kevin has been working at his new job in home security and working lots of hours. Trying to update the blog has been difficult, so some of our news will be delayed.

First, we are expecting again. Surprise! We are expecting baby #4 in November. We go next week to find out the sex. Of course, we would be blessed with anything God give us, but a boy would be great to even out the field (from Kevin).

Adelaide is doing great. She's walking all over and talking more. She gets into everything and seems to be the boss of everyone. She's turning into a great kid with a funny sense of humor.

Mattie is also doing well. She's just now getting her feet under her and doing more walking. She walks very deliberately when she wants to. She's been talking some and loves to help Tara with the piles of laundry we have in the house. She also does a great job of picking up toys.

Andrew has been weaned off the ventilator. Praise God! He does require some oxygen overnight, but hasn't been on the vent since May. We had a great three day stay in the hospital to wean him off, and he responded well. He has been sick lately with a lot of mucus in his stomach, so his oxygen needs have gone up. Recently, we have found small amounts of blood in his trach, but the doctor doesn't seem concerned. He says that it's similar to blood in your sinuses when you're sick. Unfortunately, it looks like he will not be getting the trach out in late summer, and most likely, will have to wait until next spring. The doctor will not want to take it out during cold and flu season. Andrew, like Mattie, has started walking more and more. He's quick as a whip.

The blessing of baby #4
Andrew being weaned off ventilator.
Mattie and Andrew walking.
All the babies catching up developmentally.

Andrew's health. That his cold would go away and that the mucus would lessen.
Andrew's oxygen needs going down.
Andrew would improve on his speaking valve. This is a determining factor in getting the trach out.
Kevin's job would provide what the family needs.
Rest and strength for Tara as she cares for toddlers and carries our #4.