Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12

Keeping up with the blog has become harder and harder as the babies become more active and require more attention. We hope you continue to check in with us to see how the babies are doing. Our babies will be 10 months old next week. Can you believe it? Time has started to fly by. We'll be posting some new photos soon.

We have our first tooth sighting. Adelaide has cut her first tooth on the bottom. She drools quite a bit and loves to gnaw on the arm of her highchair. She's also the most vocal of the three. She has a great laugh, and we love to get her going. Adelaide also enjoys hearing herself scream out loud. She starting the motion to crawl and reaches for toys on the floor. She's really close to being mobile.

Mattie got her helmet last week. She did really well with the first fitting. She didn't fuss for the first few minutes. When she realized something was on her head, she tried to pull it off. She got used to the helmet after a half day though. We did have some trouble with pressure points on the helmet and had to leave it off overnight on the second night. Tara took her back in for adjustments, and she's now wearing the helmet 23 hours a day. We were going to paint and decorate her helmet, but after purchasing supplies from Hobby Lobby, and trying to paint the helmet; we decided to go with stickers. Mattie has butterflies and flowers all over her helmet now. The most exciting news for Mattie is that she finally turned over from back to front. And now, she does it all the time. She's really blossoming. She talks a lot more now, is more interactive, and loves being on her stomach. It's exciting to see them all develop.

Andrew had another vent clinic, and he is gaining weight at a better rate. His weight gain was more significant than the last vent clinic. The doctor has increased his feeds by 15ml. He's still taking two of his feeds by bottle, but has only taken the full feed a couple of times. Most times, the nurses will gavage the rest of his feed through his feeding tube. Andrew is now going 8 straight hours off the ventilator. He'll do that for another week, then move to 10 hours straight for 2 weeks, and then 12 hours straight for 4 weeks leading up to the next vent clinic.

Andrew's weight gain.
Andrew's increased weaning off the ventilator.
Adelaide's first tooth.
All the babies starting to teethe.
Mattie's adjustment to the helmet.
Mattie turning over.
Kevin has another interview with a different company on the 21st.
God's provision for our family.

Continued growth and strength for the babies.
Andrew has had some increased oxygen needs lately. Pray that he wouldn't need the oxygen.
Mattie's head would shape in a timely matter.
Andrew would keep his food down.