Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25 2010

We're back again. It's so hard keeping up with the updates. We're getting more used to having Andrew at home and the schedule that we keep. We're tired most times and there's always something to be cleaned or done around the house. The sad part is that we have help with Andrew, and it still feels pretty busy to us.

Adelaide is doing great. When she's on her stomach she lifts her head really well and reaches out for toys next to her. She's also discovered her feet and grabs them with her hands. She's close to turning over from back to stomach. She was on her side this weekend and almost made it. She continues to coo and talk. She weighed in at 13lbs. 14oz. this week at the doctor's.

Mattie is weaned off her oxygen! Praise God! We received the results from the review of her monitor, and the doctor felt that we could take her off the oxygen. We still put her on the pulse ox monitor when she naps and sleeps, but that's really only for our comfort. The doctor said that we need to wean ourselves off the monitor in the next few weeks. Mattie weighed 12lbs. 9oz. at her last doctor's visit, and she's moved up the the 40 percentile.

Andrew is doing really well. We've moved some of his bottle feeds up to an ounce. His orders are for 20ml twice a day, but some nurses are pushing him to try a little more. He's doing an excellent job of grabbing toys and pulling them to his mouth. He has one toy that he holds with one hand and spins the ferris wheel with the other.

Praise and Prayer - We want to do something a little different this time. We bought a world map and put it up in Andrew's room. We know that many people from all over the world have been praying for our family over the last 7 months, and we thought it would be neat to praise God for the wonderful answer to your prayers. We'd like to put pins in the map of each location that people have prayed for us. So, if you or someone you know have been praying for us, please let us know where you're located. Please respond to this post and let us know.

Mattie July 2010 Pics

Adelaide July 2010 Pics

Andrew July 2010 Pics

The Three Peets All Together Again Pics

Bath Time Pics

No, the picture's not upside down. This is Tara looking down on Andrew after his bath. Mattie has more hair than her Daddy.
Adelaide and her princess towel. Thanks, Walchshausers.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 14

Hi Everyone. We've had Andrew home for a little over a week, and so far, we're doing good. The first few days were tough. He did great, but we were a little overwhelmed and stressed. There's a lot involved in getting him into a new place with all the equipment and the new nursing agency. There's going to be some growing pains for sure. He has been sleeping through the night on most nights. He does wake up and want to play on occasion. The nursing agency has been great. Our head nurse has organized his whole room for us and helped get him settled. We had a very rough first trach care. We did it in his crib and the mattress was too soft. He kept sinking down, and then we gagged him, and he threw up. We have now wheeled Kevin's mobile work bench in from the garage. It has a good hard surface, is mobile, and is plenty high enough to the work we need to do on him. It looks awful as a furniture piece in the foyer though. Andrew had his first Pediatrician appointment, and she said he looked great. He weighed 10lbs. 7oz. Andrew also goes everywhere in style. He has ambulatory service for the next six months. If we have to take him somewhere, then we call CareFlight, and they take him. It's really helpful.

Adelaide and Mattie had a tough time the first couple of days when Andrew came home. There was a lot of activity in the house, and we had lots of visitors. They had a hard time getting down at night, but have been much better since. Adelaide's been eating really well lately, and both girls are drooling all over the place. We think they're starting to teethe. We've been very blessed with three sweet, smiling, lovable, and good-natured babies. It makes it easier to care for them.

Our Moms, and they're continued care for our babies. They have been doing such an awesome job, and we want to thank them for taking their time to help us. We know they wouldn't have it any other way.
Our friend from church who cut our grass for the last two months. It was another burden we didn't have to worry about.
Our church family, and their willingness to continue to nourish us and provide meals.
Our friends who painted Andrew's nursery while we went to Tara's Mom's birthday. They did an incredible job. And one of those friends who helps us run the errands we can't get to.

Continued patience and strength for Kevin and Tara.
Growth and strength for Andrew.
Healing of Andrew's bottom. He's got a bad rash.
Mattie to be weaned off oxygen.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5 - Andrew's Homecoming

We're bringing our son home for the first time tomorrow. He's six and a half months old, and we can't wait to get him here. It's hard for us to believe it's finally time. We've had joyful cries thinking about it. He's been doing remarkably well over the last week. The doctor has continued to wean him on the ventilator, and Andrew continues to respond well. He's on a rate of 6, which is the amount of times the ventilator breathes for him in a minute. When he arrived at Our Children's House on May 11, his rate was 35. He's had great blood work and still lights up the room with his smile. He does throw up on occasion, but the doctor doesn't seem too concerned. Andrew hit the 10lbs. mark today. Kevin and Tara are heading to the hospital in the morning. Kevin will ride with Andrew in the ambulance, and Tara will follow behind.

The girls are doing really well. Mattie met with the pulmonologist, and he's ordered a sleep study for her. She does great off her oxygen while awake, but she de-sats while sleeping. Mattie sits up really well and has been cooing and smiling more. She had a busy week last week with the pulmonologist appointment, and an appointment with the eye doctor. She's been released from the eye doctor and doesn't have to go back for any visits. For this, Mattie is grateful.

Adelaide gets up on her elbows and knees while on her stomach and rocks back and forth, like she's getting ready to crawl. She smiles a lot and is in motion quite often, kicking her legs in excitement. They're both gaining weight and getting stronger.

Andrew coming home!!!!!
Andrew weaning on the ventilator.
Dakota, Shawntal, and Michael (The Three Peet's Cousins) are meeting them for the first time this week.
Mattie weaning on oxygen and taking the next step with the sleep study.
Andrew coming home!!!!!

Safe transport and travel for Andrew.
Patience for Kevin and Tara for tomorrow. It's going to be a very busy day.
Smooth transition for Andrew, and his new nurses.