Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 28

We've been enjoying the great Texas weather with the babies over the last few days. We spread a blanket under one of our trees in the backyard and all three babies took naps. Adelaide seemed to enjoy the time the most. She had a very excited look in her eyes, and she kept licking her lips and kicking her legs before she finally fell asleep. We're excited that The Three Peets are now 9 months old.

Adelaide is turning over with regularity now. She also cries out when you step away from her to get attention. She gets very slap happy at night, and with just a little dance or a funny face, we can get her laughing. It's a scream to watch her. She will help pick her bib out by reaching into the drawer to select one. Adelaide is taking 3 solid food meals a day and weighed 15lbs 7oz. at her 9 month appointment. She was also in the 100 percentile for height.

Mattie continues to catch up to Adelaide in weight. She's now 15lbs. 1oz. She's also ranked high in height. Mattie turns over with help, but she's getting close to doing it on her own. We think she's teething too. Mattie's been chewing on her nipple and cries while eating some times. We've decide to get a helmet to shape her head. She's been fitted and will get her new helmet on October 4.

Andrew is now off the ventilator for 4 hours twice a day. He does very well, and we love having him mobile. He still has spit up issues, and is a slow grower. Andrew weighs a little over 11lbs. He has gone a day or so without spitting up, but no longer. Andrew turns over by himself. We finally got a speech therapist to see him, and hope to have occupational and physical therapy lined up soon. We've had a difficult time getting any agencies to come to our town.

Andrew doing better and better off the ventilator.
Mattie improving developmentally.
Adelaide and her slap happy self.
Kevin has had a phone interview, and 3 back to back interviews with one company. It looks promising. He also has an "in" with another company that has an open position.
Growth and strength for the babies.
Tara's been getting steady jobs as a tutor.

Andrew would hold down his food and grow.
Mattie would feel better.
Strength for Tara.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 9

We've had a few doctor's appointments this week and thought we would update everyone on how the babies are doing.

Andrew had his monthly vent clinic with Our Children's House. We transported him ourselves this time instead of calling for CareFlite. Everything went very well with the transport, and Andrew slept the whole trip. The doctor thought he looked and sounded great. Andrew is now being weaned off the ventilator for three hours twice a day for two weeks, and then he will be moved to four hours twice a day for two weeks until the next vent clinic. Andrew hasn't gained much weight over the last month (10 ounces). The trach trials (vent weaning) takes a lot out of him, and he burns a lot of calories trying to breathe on his own. He weighed 11lbs 8 ounces, so the staff is increasing each feed by 10ml to 110ml. He still gets two bottles by mouth twice a day as well. His x-rays looked good, but the doctor noticed a small spot on his left lung. He didn't seem to worried about the spot though. Andrew is also going to be receiving a speaking valve to go over his trach, so we can hear his voice. We're really excited to hear him talk, babble, and cry. Andrew has been getting tastes of the solid foods that Adelaide and Mattie eat. He seems to like the taste of most of the items.

Mattie met with her Pulmonologist the next day. He's the same doctor at Our Children's House that Andrew visits. Mattie his been off of oxygen for over a month, and we've kept her on her apnea monitor only overnight. The doctor told us that we're taking the monitor away. Last night, Mattie was monitor free for the first time in 260 days since her birth. Tara was up every two hours checking on her. It feels great to have Mattie free of any tubes or wires. Cook Children's will be picking up all her equipment this week. The doctor has removed her diuretic and one of her inhalers. She weighed in at 14lbs 8 ounces. When we reviewed the growth chart with the doctor, he showed us a chart that didn't adjust for her prematurity. She was right at the bottom curve of a full term baby in weight and height. We're so excited for her. She's really becoming more active too. She babbles and talks to us, and the other night, Kevin had her squealing and laughing as he blew on her stomach.

Adelaide is doing wonderful. She woke up in a great mood today. She does usually, but today was even more so. Adelaide giggled and smiled all morning. She's been eating very well and has increased her intake. We're not sure how much she weights, but we're guessing fifteen and a half pounds. The babies all have nine month checkups next week, so we'll have results then.

Great reports on Andrew.
More weaning for Andrew.
Mattie being free and clear of all tubes and wires.
Adelaide and her wonderful laugh and smile.
Job opportunities for Kevin (a possible interview next week).

Andrew would gain more weight.
Andrew getting stronger on his trach trails.
Rest and strength for Tara.
Kevin would find a job.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1

We can't believe it, but it's been 3 weeks since our last post. Time is flying by with the babies. We are all doing really well, and we're having a fun time with the babies.

Adelaide is doing great. She loves to study our faces, and then when you smile at her, she grins really big. She is doing really well trying solid foods like rice cereal, bananas, prunes, sweet potatoes, and barley. She's still rolling over on occasion, but it's not happening all the time. She also enjoys playing a xylophone with her feet.

Mattie is growing and getting bigger. She's only a pound and a few inches behind Adelaide. She's around 3 weeks behind Adelaide developmentally. She's talking a lot more now. Mattie hasn't turned over by herself yet, but we're working with her. When we read to her, she actually helps turn the page, which is really cool. We're looking into companies that provide helmets to shape babies' heads. Mattie's is flat on the back from being in the incubator for so long. We found out that it's not just a cosmetic fix, but there may be structural issues.

Andrew is doing fantastic. He's been weaning off the ventilator. He started a couple of weeks ago doing 30 minutes off twice a day. He then moved to 1 hour twice a day for a week, and today, he did 2 hours twice a day. He'll be evaluated by the doctor next week, and we're hoping for more weaning. He's done very well with the trials. We thoroughly enjoyed taking him around the house on his first trial. We took him into the living room, and couldn't stop looking around at the pictures and the furniture. It was really cute. He did have some problems with spit ups and throwing up on occasion, but the doctor has changed his medications, and he's doing really well. Andrew has learned to turn his mobile on and off by kicking it.

Andrew's weaning on the ventilator.
Mattie's development.
Adelaide doing so well with everything.
The fun times we have with the babies at home.
Taking Adelaide and Mattie to church with us.
Our first Saturday morning walk as a family.

Kevin's job search. He's had one interview (the position was entry level), but he has another promising interview tomorrow.
Wisdom for Kevin and Tara as we make a decision on Mattie's helmet.
Andrew would get stronger and stronger on his trials.