Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, February 13

We're having a beautiful day here in Texas and just took the girls for a walk. Andrew is still digesting his food, so we're going to take him on a special walk in a little while. Here's our monthly update.

Adelaide is doing great. She's over 20 lbs. now. She's pulling up on furniture and standing on her own. We've been practicing walking with her, and she does a good job of putting one foot in front of the other. She's making clear sounds like dada and mama. She also calls out to our dog Belle with beh.

Mattie has really taken off...literally. Mattie is doing great crawling. She loves to go down the hall with Andrew and Adelaide where they have "hall parties". She's pulled up on our ottoman and in her crib. This is very special to us because it took Mattie longer to do this than the other two. The wait was long, but so sweet. We're transitioning both girls off their NeoSure formula and to whole milk and Pediasure.

Andrew went to vent clinic this week, and his doctor said his lungs look the best he's seen them. Andrew is at 15lbs. He gained weight since the last vent clinic and was actually on the lower end of a normal daily weight gain. Andrew is being weaned to 14 hours off the ventilator for the next two weeks. If he responds well, he will move to 16 hours off for two more weeks. We would then have a three day visit to the hospital where they would take him off the ventilator completely and monitor him for the three days. He's pulling up and cruising very well. He also has his seventh tooth. Andrew is moving to a new formula, which is more appropriate for his growth state. Andrew saw a GI doctor recently because of some bile he's had. The doctor thought he looked great and felt the bile was normal. We're waiting on x-ray results early next week.

We're sad to announce that we have to give away our dog Belle. It's been too much for a seven year old dog to adjust to the babies. We've had a couple of circumstances where Belle has snipped at the babies. Right now, Tara's brother is going to be a transition home for Belle in Albuquerque. If you know anyone who loves Jack Russell Terriers and would like a well trained, sweet dog, please let us know. Belle doesn't do well with other dogs, cats or babies, but she loves people. We're really hoping to find people who know and understand the Jack mentality and would be accepting to who she is. We're broken-hearted.

Andrew's great report from vent clinic.
Andrew getting off the vent more and more.
Mattie moving around and pulling up.
Adelaide's great personality and laughter.
Kevin has multiple opportunities for full time work.

Andrew's stomach issues would lessen.
Andrew would do well with his new formula and being off the vent.
Some of Andrew's new medical equipment may not be covered by insurance. Please pray that it does.
A new home for Belle.
A decision for Kevin's job opportunities.


The girls have now learned to peek-a-boo together at the dinner table. We had a good chuckle, and we hope you do too.